Build Massive Custom Star Ships
Start out with a tiny one man fighter and gradually upgrade till you have a massive battleship.

Sneak Aboard Enemy Ships and Steal their cargo
Your enemies will be powerful, so when you are first starting out you will have to sneak aboard their ships if you want to win a battle.

Upgrade your ship
As you gain wealth you will be able to get more and more powerful items to upgrade your ship with.

Dynamically evolving Factions
Evil characters don’t just sit in the fortress waiting for you to come.  They actively expand their empires and hunt you down.

Hire Crew Members
Ships are not fully automated, so you will have to hire crew members to manage your ship’s systems.

Buy Planets and Star Bases
As you become more powerful, you will be able to spend your money to buy space stations and planets.  Use these as a way to start passive businesses that earn income for you.

Save the Galaxy from World Eaters
Don’t take too long or the world eaters will gradually destroy the entire  galaxy.


Build, Explore, Save the Galaxy!

In Astrakore, not only will you be able to have epic space battles, sneak aboard enemy ships and an epic story.

A Sci-Fi RPG with Building Elements


The world eaters of the ancient galaxy have awakened and you are on the run for a crime you didn’t commit. How will you stay under the nose of the Confederation long enough to save the galaxy from destruction?